Laser Monkey Motorcycle Wheel Alignment Tool by Tru-Tension Sprocket Chain

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This customer returned tool was open and the clam shell packaging is broken. The tool functions fine. There is a spot of grease on the clamp.

An innovative laser alignment tool designed to ensure precise and quick setting of the drive wheel on a motorcycle. Ensuring your wheel is aligned accurately now couldn't be simpler! The unique design uses the sprocket or pulley of the motorcycle to send a laser directly down the center of the chain/belt, ensuring fast and easy wheel alignment. Precise alignment of the wheel ensures prolonged life of moving components to save you money, coupled with improved handling characteristics and optimized power delivery. Simply adjust the rear wheel until the laser is aligned with the center of the front sprocket and your wheel will be aligned with precision. The product can be coupled perfectly with the Chain Monkey for precise and fast chain tension and wheel alignment in one easy step.